30th Birthday | Book Launch | Exhibition Opening

12 October 2016

This evening was a grand celebration and a culmination of thirty years of practice, a launch of a new book ‘This Building Likes Me’ and a photography exhibition opening of ‘Coincidences’.

In the timber atrium of the Melbourne School of Design, gathered many of the extraordinary people JWA have worked with and for, in many places, over many years. Recently completed tapestry ‘Perspectives on a Flat Surface’ by the Australian Tapestry Workshop was out for admiration as was a 26-meter long table adorned with models made in-house over the past thirty years. MSD was truly an ideal location for this event; presenting JWA in multiple ways, in built form, in scale models, in photography and in tapestry.

 ‘As I watched the building grow, I found myself developing a relationship with it that I thought of as personal. We did, I liked to think, become friends. As I explained to those who remarked upon my expressions of fondness, it is always easy to like someone who likes you – and it was very clear, I thought, that this building liked me.’ – from Professor Tom Heneghan’s essay in ‘This Building Likes Me’ 

The book ‘This Building Likes Me’

‘Coincidences’ exhibition

‘Perspectives on a Flat Surface’ 

Melbourne School of Design