Coincidences Exhibition Opening

13 October 2016

John Wardle Architects present an exploration of their work by a field of prominent architectural photographers.

Recurringly the work has enquired into the possibilities on the coexistence of the public and the private realms, exemplified in asking “Is it possible for a foyer to have the intimacy of a living room, or for a house to have the civic quality of a university building?

Coincidences draws upon the recently published monograph - This Building Likes Me, where projects are assembled as pairs and the relationships between them, some obvious and some obscure, are explored. 

In a similar way, JWA invited photographers to visit a pair of JWA projects and take one image of each. In doing so JWA invited them to find some aspect of commonality. The images do as much to reveal the mind of each photographer as they reveal aspects of JWA’s work.

Contributing Photographers are:Sharyn Cairns, Erieta Attali, Sam Noonan, Kristoffer Paulsen, Brett Boardman, Earl Carter,Peter Hyatt, Dianna Snape, Peter Bennetts, John Gollings, Shannon McGrath, Trevor Mein and Max Creasy.

Dates: Thursday, 13 October 2016 to Tuesday, 25 October 2016 Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm 

Location: Andrew Lee King Fun Gallery, Ground Floor, Melbourne School of Design, the University of Melbourne

Easels: Designed by JWA and generously realised by TimberBuilt who donated both the materials and their time.

Frames: Designed by JWA beautifully realised by United Measures.

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