This Building Likes Me

Is it possible for a foyer to have the intimacy of a living room, or for a house to have the civic quality of a university building?

We reflect on two models – one of our Victoria University project, the other of Balnarring House. Suspended from the ceiling like orbiting satellites, these models are exaggerated maquettes of their built cousins. Paired at the same scale, they highlight common ideas within the projects and the ‘scalelessness’ of those ideas – both projects have courtyard spaces around their centre, thresholds that act as pivot points between different uses in each building.

This pairing identifies shared themes that are only recognisable when looking back and reflecting upon them – coincidences. This idea informs the structure of this book. Projects are presented in pairs – the relevance of which was only revealed to us upon reflection.

Thirty-six recent buildings and projects are comprehensively presented in pairs, through photographs, drawings and models. These are complemented by a multitude of short critical essays and intriguing accounts and images of life within the practice. The result is a compelling insight into contemporary architectural processes, preoccupations and projects.

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