This cinematic entry in the Now and When exhibition for the Australian Pavilion speculates on the future of the Australian city.

By 2110 new planning initiatives in Melbourne incubate a self-sustaining urban environment of hyper-density.

Conventional dividing lines of wealth, privilege, and ethnicity are increasingly blurred. Technology has diffused the civic institution, and further concentrated the private realm.

Growth has not been at the periphery but from the heart. Melbourne has not grown out, but up and down. New air and foundation rights within the city grid open completely new narratives.

There are now multiple cities, multiple stories within the original street grid.

A datum high above has created multiple ground planes and urban topographies including food production, rain harvesting and energy generation. New developments hover and intersect the traditional urban fabric below.

A city tells a story. In the future our city will tell multiple stories. A bundling of narratives and possibilities. A place where form follows fiction.