Melbourne School of Design

This winning competition entry is for an environment to study the future of sustainable cities and places of inhabitation.

Within this building the next generation of architects, urban planners, ecologists, builders and landscape architects learn to work in a highly connected way. Our design in collaboration with Boston architecture firm NADAAA is driven by the idea that the building itself becomes built pedagogy and a broader studio environment.

The architecture, inherent planning, spatial arrangements and configurations, particular programmatic adjacencies and relationships foster a rich, dynamic environment that becomes a point of stimulus, a catalyst for creativity and inventive design research.

With its many inventive structural and environmental ideas, the building becomes a live learning tool for students and staff alike.

The idea of what architecture can give back to the community also works at the scale of the university. Connecting back into the network of buildings and courtyards, our design operates as an urban gesture reinforcing the workings and systems of the campus.

The transparent facades and open permeable ground plane reveals the creative and collaborative activities to the rest of the university community.

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More Information

University of Melbourne - Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
John Wardle Architects & NADAAA in collaboration
Comprising dedicated spaces for research, along with studios, lecture theatres, a library, exhibition, and specialist workshop spaces.
Awarded 6 Star Green star - Education Design v1 rating by the GBCA. The building is the first to ever be awarded all 10 innovation points possible in the evaluation criteria.
"The team demonstrated a deep understanding of the opportunities to engage in discussions about new construction technologies, about the way students learn in a space, about how this building could inform other inhabitants of the campus. They demonstrated a capacity to understand the many facets and opportunities that this project is going to offer to us." Professor Kvan
Marion Mahony Award for Interior Architecture, Architecture Award for Educational Architecture - 2015 Australian Institute of Architects Victoria Awards and 2016 AIRAH Excellence in Sustainability

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