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This mediating residence sits behind a historic house.

It’s extrapolated from the space left between adjoining blocks. An imaginary line is drawn between old and new residence.

A large part of the new boundary wall is an arc that matches and protects the roots of a beautiful and elderly tree in the original garden. This residence negotiates these very constraining boundaries by introducing a number of variously scaled courts between which shelter is provided, and from which glimpses of the old garden beyond are possible.

The external form of the house is pavilion like, with zinc roof elements that define each space and timber batten walls managing privacy and transparency. A lap pool is at the centre of the house within its own courtyard. The water’s surface bounces reflections off the curved inner face of the boundary wall.

In many ways the outside is subservient to the interior, with elaborate cabinetry, sliding windows and doors, and eloquent materials being very memorable aspects of the house.

The courtyards are each in their own way interior room-like spaces.

  • Location Hawthorn, Melbourne
  • Project Duration 1999
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