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From landscape to tower form, four residential apartment towers align, in their scalloped edges, with a collection of elliptical parks below.

Our project is part of Luxe Lakes Eco-city in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. It includes four towers varying from 26 to 30 storeys in height, sixty residential villas and integrated retail within an ecological lake setting.

The ordering strategy of elliptical figures inscribes a clear site pattern into the site’s rich red earth. These figures describe the park and its edges. In addition, they describe the footprint and silhouette of the towers which frame the park. Each park has a distinct landscape character defined by its topography and planting.

The views from apartments are paramount. Each apartment floor has expansive balconies with a prospect to their park, the wider landscape and city beyond. Balconies across floors are collected within large frames that focus and orient the view. These are read as vertical balcony threads across each tower’s entire height.

Climatically, Chengdu is mild and these balconies function as outdoor rooms. Each balcony interior is clad with terracotta tiles in a vertical gradient of reds. This colour palette, deeper at the tower’s base and dilute at its crown, parallels the shift from earth to sky. This brings an individual identity to each residence within the tower.

The four towers are imagined as a family of forms, sharing similar traits but not identical - scalloped balconies, a consistent colour combination of silver greys and burnt sienna red, and a vertical composition.

  • Location Chengdu, China
  • Procurement Invitation
  • Project Duration 2017 –
  • Floor Levels 26-30 (four towers)
  • Floor Area 108,146 sqm
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