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This multifaceted project, initiated by a passionate private patron, captures the vision of an integrated performance space, garden and art gallery.

The performance space and gallery are entered though and linked by a central garden. A collaborative project, each element is authored by a different hand – John Wardle Architects are designing the gallery and Durbach Block Jaggers are designing the performance space. The buildings and gardens are linked at many levels, above and below ground, allowing for an intense interlocking of performance, nature and art. 

  • Project Team John Wardle Architects (gallery), Durbach Block Jaggers (performance space) and John Wardle Architects (gallery), Durbach Block Jaggers (performance space) and 360 degrees (garden).
  • Client Judith Neilson
  • Location Sydney, Australia
  • Procurement Private commission
  • Project Duration 2014 –
  • Floor Levels 5
  • Site Area 702 sqm
  • Footprint 290 sqm
  • Floor area 590 sqm
  • Sustainability BASIX for Sydney City Council
  • Selected Awards
  • NSW Architecture Medallion, AIA New South Wales 2020
  • Sir Arthur G. Stephenson Award for Commercial Architecture, AIA New South Wales 2020
  • John Verge Award for Interior Architecture, AIA New South Wales 2020


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