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This residence distills the ideals of the weekender.

It’s located on an ocean beach within an intact tea-treed landscape, sited at the crest of a hill where the land drops away to a valley and opens views out toward the sea.

It's not a holiday shack but does retain the memory of this building type. The resonance of the weekender distinguishes the architecture from an urban counterpart. The timber-lined frame is intended as an integral wall to define form and space and is contrasted with the Dromana Granite mass walls that provide a barrier on the site against which the timber forms meet.

Detailing of the axial, over-scaled mullions at the western end is in contrast to the flat delineation along the southern face. The space finishes sheer against the flat side wall. In the other direction, it’s extruded and cut.

The house is organised over two levels with the lower level containing the functions best served by discrete spaces, the bedrooms and service areas, and the upper level planned so the main bedroom and living spaces can openly interlink.

The entry centrally locates you on the upper level, and directs your attention across the long glazed wall to the southern edge. Here the space turns into the family area with the dynamic of the space drawn towards the west.

  • Location Portsea, Victoria
  • Project Duration 1997 – 2000
  • Floor Area 400 sqm
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