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This distinct house captures a series of panoramic vignettes.

This house is located above the sand dunes where many holiday shacks were lost in the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. In the economy of its planning, its materials and its setting, it retains the memory of the type. 

Planning of the house form reflects a recurring theme in our preference to extrude space along a longitudinal axis. The pressure of this orientation is reinforced by the detailing of the axial over-scaled mullions at the western end, in contrast to the flat detailing along the southern face. The long axis to the upper level is the dynamic axis, while the short is passive.

The house is organised over two levels, with the lower level containing the functions that are best served by discrete spaces, separate bedrooms and service areas, and the upper level planned so the main bedroom and living spaces can openly interlink.

This arrangement of open living on the first floor can be recognised as typical of beach houses, which strain to maximise the view to the sea and coastal landscape.

  • Location Anglesea, Victoria
  • Project Duration 2000 – 2003
  • Floor Area 300 sqm
  • Awards
  • Best Residential Interior, Dulux Colour Awards 2003
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